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DWWebinar Registration


Special Terms for the DWWebinar (2020)

  • One Publication Fee per Paper.

  • Author registration entitles a maximum of three papers .

  • Payments for the webinar will be deducted in the registration fee for the in-person event.

  • Registrations to the webinar are not refundable.

Conference Registration


Regular Terms

  • The registration of participation is binding.

  • If you have to cancel the registration, you get 70% back until 60 days before the start of the event.

  • Authors still have to pay the Publication Fee in case registration is cancelled after the full paper-reviewing period has started, even if Authors decide not to include the paper in the Proceedings.

  • Payments will be refunded if the conference is cancelled by the Organiser. In that case, the Organiser will have no further liability to the client.

  • In case the conference cancellation is due to any external extreme event, payment will be refunded less a small charge to cover bank fees. In that case, the Organiser will have no further liability to client.

  • Registrations remain valid if the conference has to be postponed.

  • Publication fee is not refundable.

  • In case the Organiser postpone the Early Bird registration period, participants who already paid the full fee are entitle to receive the difference less bank fees.

  • In all other cases, the financial responsibilities of the participants remain fully effective.

  • The participation fees are owed upon registration and are payable before the Early Bird deadline for Authors, or within 3 days following submission of the registration for other participants.

  • Participation is not guaranteed until full payment of the registration fee is received.

  • The conference program may be subject to changes.

  • It is not possible to withdraw the paper after registration fee/publication fee is paid.

  • Maximum of three papers per registration. Extra papers may be considered for publication in the proceedings, subjected to a special Publication Fee and approval of the Organising Committee. There is a limit of 3 papers for oral presentation.

  • Proof of university enrolment required for students and proof of membership for IBRACON, CNPGB and CBDB members.

  • Students registration entitle to all technical sessions, proceedings, refreshments and lunches, students presenting papers must register before the Early Bird deadline.

  • The Publication Fee applies only for Authors that are not planning to attend the conference and Registered Authors with more than 3 papers . One Publication Fee per Paper to be paid before the Early Bird deadline.

  • On-line registration must be done using Conftool system. If you do not have created your DAM WORLD Conference Conftool account yet, please click on "Register here" button below and create your account, enter your details, and proceed to registration (choose "Register as Participant"). If you require any assistance, please, contact the conference organisers.

  • Prices are exempt of VAT.

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DAM WORLD Conference Organising Committee