Rosana Almeida, Brazil: "Congratulation for organization team Webinar! Excellent presentations with high level professionals. Congratulations to the organization and the participants! This Webinar increases very much in my dam knowledge. Thank you for this opportunity, specially Eliane Portela. Excellent DAM 2020!!"

Domingos Silva Matos, EDP, Portugal: "Congratulations to the organizers!"

Giovanna Lilliu, Switzerland: "Thank you, Eliane, and congratulations with the organization! I would like to join the other colleagues in congratulating the organizers for the excellent work and also all the speakers."

Tracey Honney, Dam Engineering Journal, United Kingdom: "Congratulations to Eliane, and all the organising team for putting together the DW2020 webinar. Well done also to all the participants who presented papers. It’s been a great success and a pleasure to attend!"

Terezinha Esposito, Venidera Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento Ltda, Brazil: "Vocês estão de parabéns!"

Gabriella Vaschetti, Switzerland: "Congratulations to the team for such a perfect job!"

João Bosco Moreira do Carmo, Vale S/A, Brazil: "Congratulations Damworld, LNEC and Eliane!!! Thank You!!! Congratulations for the excelente event and organization! Show de Bola!!!!"

Carmen Gloria Opazo, MOP-DOH, Chile: "Very good Webinar... tanks for the opportunity to attend!!"

Vanda Tereza Malveira, Universidade Estadual do Ceará (UVA), CE, Brazil: "Excellent work indeed!! The first one in this format I have participated so far."

Malcolm Barker, GHD, Australia: "Thanks for the conference and organisation of the papers and Proceedings. Well done. Sorry I can't stay fore the end, but look forward to possibly meeting next year."

José Muralha, LNEC, Portugal: "Great conference given the present difficulties. Congratulations to the organizers and especially to Eliane Portela!"

João Cunha, EDP, Portugal: "Bom dia Eliane. Muitos parabéns pelo excelente congresso!"

Graça Moura, EDP, Portugal: "Congratulations to the Organization on the excellent work that made it possible to share experiences on dam aspects, in spite of the ongoing pandemic. May be next year we can be together."

Franklim Araújo, Ministry of Economy/SEPT/ SIT/ SRTE-Ce, Brazil: "Excellent DAM2020, congratulations to the Organization for support us and did a great work to promote a safety in Dams. I hope I will see all in Lisbon next year."

Dalia Almohamad, France: "Great DW2020 conference, congratulations to the organizers, especially to Eliane Portela."

Oscar Bandeira, Brazil: "Congratulations for DW2020 organization for this great work to share a good knowlwdge in dam issues."

Gisleine Campos, IPT, Brazil: "Great DW2020!"

Miguel Marchamalo, Topography and Geomatics Lab. ETS ICCP, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain: "Thank you for this great webinar!"

Teresa Fusaro, Venidera Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento Ltda., Brazil: "Congratulations to the organizers of DamWorld, that made it possible for us to share our experiences in such a difficult year."

Juliya Kozub, Vedeneev Research Institute (VNIIG), Russian Federation: "Thanks for this webinar and interesting presentation!"

Nadir Plasencia, EDP, Portugal: "Congratulations to the Organization of the DW2020 webinar!"

Matheus Lima de Barros, University of Brasilia, Brazil: "Congratulations to the organizers and the speakers! Great webinar with so many interesting lessons and experiences!"

Sérgio Salgado, Agência Nacional de Águas, Brazil: "Congratulations on organizing the Dam World Webinar."

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