Themes and Topics

(Queluz Palace, Portugal)

The conference will address concerns and achievements in the WORLD of DAMS, covering the following Themes/Topics:

Main Themes

T1 Concrete and Masonry Dams

T2 Embankment Dams

T3 Appurtenant Works

T4 Tailings Dams

T5 Environmental Issues

T6 Finance and Economic Aspects

T7 Regulation


ST1 Roller Compacted Concrete Dams (RCC)

ST2 Concrete Face Rockfill Dams (CFRD)

ST3 Design and Modelling

ST4 Dam Foundation and Geology

ST5 Seismic Analysis

ST6 Stability of Dams and Slopes

ST7 Monitoring and Instrumentation

ST8 Dam Safety Evaluation

ST9 Operation and Maintenance

ST10 Construction and Rehabilitation

ST11 Deterioration

ST12 Risk Assessment

ST13 Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

ST14 Geomembranes

ST15 Dam Management Systems and New Technologies

ST16 Design Innovation and New Materials

ST17 Dam Failure

ST18 Water Management

ST19 Hydraulics

ST20 Hydrology

ST21 Joint/Interface Problems

ST22 Sedimentation in Reservoirs and Related Problems

ST23 Decommissioning of Dams

ST24 Hydropower Issues